The Rec-Quiz-Its

Fourth win in a row for the Rec-Quiz-Its quiz team last night at the Old Crown, Twerton High Street – score slightly down on last week but still a convincing win.  More importantly, we managed to get five out of six on the “Jackpot 6” round, where any team getting all six right stands to win £65.  The one question that defeated us was “What organization did George Williams found in 1844?”, so if you can answer that without googling, come and join us next week and you may be in luck…

Open Mic 1st September

Open Mic returns at 8pm next Thursday, 1st September, with the usual eclectic mix of performances and styles.  As usual anyone is free to sign up and perform three songs.  Bring a bottle and expect the unexpected!

The Rec-Quiz-Its

Don’t forget to come along to the Old Crown in Twerton High Street at 9pm tonight if you want to join the “Rec-Quiz-Its” quiz team – 100% success so far!  £1.50 entry per player but you’ve a good chance of getting it back…

For those still baffled by last week’s teaser, the connection was acronyms:

  • DINKY – Double Income, No Kids Yet
  • BASIC – Beginners’ All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  • PLUTO – PipeLine Under The Ocean
  • ASH – Action on Smoking and Health
  • TESSA – Tax-Exempt Special Savings Account
  • ERNIE – Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment

Don’t worry, the questions aren’t all as hard as that!  The Rec House will be holding its own quiz on Thursday 8th September.

UPDATE: A third success last night with a record score of 50.



The Rec-Quiz-Its

Another resounding success for the “Rec-Quiz-Its” quiz team last night as we stormed to victory at the Old Crown pub with a massive 48 points, more than twice the second-placed team.  We may be entering some other local quizzes in future.  Contact Guy if you’re interested in joining the team.

Try the following from last night’s “Find the Connection” round.  If the six answers were Dinky toys, Basic Instinct, Pluto, Ash, Tessa Sanderson and Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West), what was the connection?