Musicals night

A thoroughly enjoyable evening last night as we stormed our way through a medley of classic show songs from The Sound of Music to I Am What I Am, followed by a selection of individual favourites.  We’re hoping to put on more of these themed evenings in future – Motown has been suggested for the next one.  Thanks to everyone who came and keep your ideas coming!

Musicals Night 29th September

Come and join us next Thursday, 29th September at 8pm, for a good old community singalong session of songs from the classic musicals – The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, South Pacific, West Side Story, Cats, Les Misérables and many others.  We’ll provide the lyrics and the accompaniment, or you can bring your own if you like.  Free entry, bring a bottle if you want.  I feel pretty…

Last night’s jam session

Our liveliest jam session so far last night, with several people taking part for the first time, including some who were completely new to the Rec House.  There’s no set date for the next jam session but we hope to hold one during November.

The Rec-Quiz-Its

Maybe we shouldn’t blow our own trumpet too much, but… the Rec House’s crack quiz team won the jackpot at the Old Crown last night, getting all six questions for a total of £65.  (We won the main quiz as well, needless to say.)

See if you can emulate our success.  These questions are reconstructed from the answers so they may not be entirely accurate!

  1. Of what country is Asunción the capital?
  2. On a standard British Monopoly board, which square comes after Whitechapel Road?
  3. Which long-running soap opera featured the death of Reg Cox?
  4. In which country was there a major genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus?
  5. Which gas makes up 21% of the Earth’s atmosphere?
  6. In which film did Eli Wallach play Tuco?

The jackpot’s back down to £5 next week, but if you can get all six without googling, you may want to take part at a future date.

Open Mic

Another enjoyable Open Mic session last night, which started off quietly and built up to a great climax!  Because of the calendar the next Open Mic won’t be for three weeks, on October 6th.  Hope you can attend.