THE REC HOUSE HAS A LOCAL FOCUS. We exist to make a difference in Twerton and Whiteway, and we have been doing so for a number of years. Through our work we look to recognize and give voice to local talent, and to raise the profile of the local area. When we create, make, or sing something together, or on our own, beauty emerges. A new perspective is seen, and enrichment occurs. In providing individuals and communities the opportunity to play or sing, or engage in another creative expression, change can occur, and the landscape of the world around us can seem somewhat different.

We run many events and activities to engage the whole community, including a Community Choir, Community Open Mic, Community Music Festival, as well as our Community Record Label. We have good links with the schools, pubs, and other local organisations. Among other initiatives, our Community Record Label provides people in Twerton and Whiteway with a voice by which to heard in the local community, and beyond. We have become a creative hub in the heart of our community: a place that people are drawn to, and drawn together. Community matters a great deal to us. Local community matters a great deal to us.

The Rec House is beneficial not only for individual participants who engage with our work, but also allows the community of Twerton as a whole to be drawn together and benefit from the creative opportunities and expressions that occur in the space.

For Individuals.

It’s a desire of ours that through the work of The Rec House individuals will have opportunities to grow both in their skill-set as well as in maturity and self-awareness. Specific benefits of involvement in the activities of The Rec House include:

Raised Aspirations and Opportunities.

Instilling in people a greater sense of hope and self-belief. We believe that even those deemed as disadvantaged or vulnerable have a talent worth sharing and can achieve something, give something, and participate in something outside their normal experience in life and community.

Increased Awareness of Participation in Local Community.

Through music, creativity and the arts people have the opportunity to develop new relationships, engage in advocacy, and help themselves and others find a voice. We believe creativity and arts bring people together across generations and cultures, and enable a more cohesive community to emerge.

Increased Employability.

As well as experiencing the process of writing, creating, producing, recording, performing, etc, our desire is that those involved will also develop new skills (in music technology, music, film-making, event organisation) which may be used directly or in a transferable way (production, project management, team-working, marketing, IT, budgeting, promotion) to provide further training and employment opportunities.

For the Wider Community.

The Rec House works closely with local schools, police and other community organisations. Through developing these relationships we recognize that community cohesion and engagement will become stronger. It is our desire that through engagement and participation in the arts-based activities we provide, we will see an improvement in family and neighborhood relationships, community-spirit, social behavioral levels, and other social makers synonymous with areas such as Twerton and Whiteway.