We love, and are passionate about Twerton and Whiteway. It is the place we call home.

Some have said that Twerton and Whiteway are a cultural desert. With little or no arts activities that are readily accessible to all, there is some truth in this. People in the local area are generally less mobile or are economically less well-off, and so accessing music and arts provision is not always easy. We want to change this, and make music and the arts accessible to all.

Having worked in the local community of Twerton and Whiteway for the last few years, we have identified and supported many incredibly gifted and talented people who express themselves in a number of creative ways. Yet sometimes there can be many things that create a barrier to people finding freedom in creative expression. This can include people having low levels of confidence, being shy, or lacking a sense of self-belief. At others times people are blocked simply by not being given the opportunities to express themselves in creative ways.

For many years Twerton and Whiteway, and its residents, have found themselves being defined by sociological categorizations and generalities. Given the high levels of deprivation which are prevalent locally, some of these categorizations act as useful markers. Yet in some cases the markers have become labels of negativity, and shame. In other cases such labels have prevented people from achieving, or being given an equal opportunity.

At The Rec House we seek to un-peel the negative labels imposed on individuals and the community as a whole, to help Twerton and Whiteway and its residents to subvert the cultural narratives often imposed upon it, and to create and tell new stories and write new songs. Furthermore, we want to help Twerton and Whiteway find its voice, and to use creativity to let that voice be heard. Our desire is for those who have been dis-empowered by the world around them to be empowered and equipped by creativity, and to be leaders in their generation and contexts.