A number of years ago the vicar of St Michael’s Church in Twerton was taking a funeral for a young man who had taken his own life. Over 300 people in their late teens attended the service, but none engaged with what was going on until a song that had been written and recorded by the young man before he died was played. In that moment there was a sense of togetherness and tenderness which emphasised the power of music and the arts to resonate and connect with people across all cultural divides.

The Rec House has grown out of this moment and is providing local people with a safe space to connect, overcome barriers and experience new opportunities.

In 2013 the old Victorian Sunday Schools rooms, which were once run down and needed an injection of life have now been developed into a light and airy creative urban arts centre, complete with recording studio, rehearsal space, kitchen and meeting room.


The Rec House is a community arts venture that has been actively involved in the community of Twerton for many years. It has run many community events and activities including a Community Open Mic, Summer projects and a Community Choir. We have good links with the local schools and other local community organisations, pursuing a stronger sense of community cohesion and engagement. Today our purpose is as clear as it has always been: to provide music and arts based activities which support the development and quality of life and offer opportunities to people in the community of Twerton and Whiteway, Bath.