The PRIMARY PURPOSE of The Rec House is to provide music and arts based activities which support the development and quality of life and offer opportunities to people in the community of Twerton and Whiteway, Bath.

We are working towards this purpose by:

– Operating a professional recording studio offering top class song development, recording, and production, for free, to local residents of Twerton and Whiteway. The recording studio also offers the opportunity for personal and professional training and mentoring.

– Publishing and promoting community developed music through our community record label: Rec House Community Records.

– Growing a community of creative minds, primarily from Twerton and Whiteway, who collaboratively organize, promote, and host a series of regular live events. These include: The Rec House Sessions; The Rec House Open Mic; The Rec House Presents; The Rec House RecFest.

– Encouraging and facilitating regular community strengthening events which allow The Rec House Creative Community to develop and deepen their relationships with one another. These include: The Rec House Open House drop-ins; The Rec House Jam Sessions; The Rec House Song Writers; The Rec House Musical Theme Night.

– Hosting a community choir who are inclusive and welcoming to all. The choir meets regularly to rehearse and performs at venues across Twerton, Whiteway, Oldfield Park, and in other parts of Bath.

– Expanding our networks with creative professionals and organisations who can lead community workshops across a range of creative expressions. This includes, but is not restricted to: creative writing; song writing; film and media production; dance; amateur dramatics; comedy; textiles; ceramics.


Our primary purpose is served by our SECONDARY PURPOSE. Namely to draw upon enterprise models to facilitate and

support the vital social work we undertake in, for, and with the local community.

We are working towards this purpose by:

– Establishing a professional yet competitively priced recording studio. Offering top class studio recording and production to bands and recording artists from across the South West of England.

– Employing an experienced engineer to oversee the development of the studio. Record and produce bands and recording artists, and to recruit a team of associate sound engineers to ensure booking flexibility.

– Ensuring operating costs are kept as low as possible to allow for a maximum amount of revenue to be used for community based activities, such as The Rec House Community Records.

– Equipping and establishing The Rec House as a suitable rehearsal, workshop and performance space, and to market ourselves to a wide range of creative organisations and individuals.

– Appropriately charging for the space to be used for a wide range of functions and events.

Identifying, recruiting, and training members of the Rec House Community to facilitate with the ongoing running and promotion of the studio, rehearsal, and live space.

Behind our primary and secondary purpose, respectively, lies our meta purpose. This answers the question of our reason for being, and outlines our red hot why.