Whilst the following people have the privilege of including the work of The Rec House in their job descriptions, we note with gratitude and affection that The Rec House would be a poorer place without the commitment, love and support of a wonderful volunteer base who give bags of time and energy to making The Rec House the wonderful place it is.

Rec House Lead

Joel heads up things at The Rec House. He is passionate about creativity, community and culture, and seeing people and places be brought to life and reach their potential.

Joel has an academic and professional background in music. Having previously worked in music publishing and as a director of music for a church, Joel has also spent time projecting managing the start-up and initial development years of a charitable website. In addition to leading commercially┬ádriven teams, Joel has led and developed several volunteer based teams. Alongside leading the work at The Rec House, Joel works as a curate for St Michael’s Church, Twerton.

In his spare time Joel enjoys interior design and furniture restoration. His current project is restoring a 1930s piano back to its original glory.

Projects & Community Support

Mark has been involved in the Rec House since its inception, and has been influential in making the Rec House the place it is today.

Mark has been involved in fundraising, project management, community leadership, and development of the creative programme. He has built recording studios, hosted live events, mowed the grass and swept the floors countless times, and been a friend to many who have passed through the Rec House doors.

Mark loves to write, play and record music, and in his spare time would rather be nowhere else than by the sea.