Rec House Records is a small Community Record Label launched in 2014, based at The Rec House in Twerton Bath. Rec House Records offer opportunities for people, local bands and artists, who may otherwise not have them, to write, record and produce music. We have found that such opportunities give people a voice in the local community but also provide positive opportunities that  provide further and transferable training and employment opportunities, as well as the building of self-worth and raising of aspirations through producing their own music.

Rec House Records invites bands or artists from the local community to record up to a maximum of 4 songs with the offer of help in writing or arranging the song/s (we will also help in sourcing instrumentalists to perform on the song/s). The outcome will be either a track made available digitally for the participant to use in any way they would like as well as being put onto a compilation CD with other tracks recorded as part of the project. In some cases it may be that we will record 4 songs with an artist and create an EP which can be made available digitally via media outlets such as BandCamp. Each participant also gets the opportunity to record a video to accompany a song, working with a videographer to craft something original. A termly showcase will allow all artists involved to perform in front of an audience from the local community (including friends and family).

The Rec House Community Records label is overseen by our Studio Missioner, who is an experienced sound engineer with an understanding of how to record, mix and produce songs, eps, and albums.

We are grateful for the support of B&NES Cultural & Creative Challenge Fund for Arts Projects for part funding this post.

Our Christmas albums are the product of Community Recording Days at The Rec House. A whole host of singers and musicians, from Twerton and the surrounding area, turned up throughout the day and in 1 or 2 takes laid down some festive tunes. The aim of the days is to bring people together through music and all money made through sales will be ploughed straight back in to projects at The Rec House in Twerton, so however you feel about Christmas songs why not support our work by purchasing a copy!


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2016 Album Recking Around the Christmas Tree

2015 Album Rec The Halls

2013 Album Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Visceral, dynamic, confident, passionate and sophisticated. There are many ways to describe Scaredycats, but music is its own language; you have to listen to understand. Philosophical lyrics about finding your place in the world and the doubts and frustrations inherent therein layered over optimistic riffs, structured as perfect 3 minute rock songs. Fans of Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters will find their new favourite band here – a band to obsess over…

Listen here!

Intelligent, energetic and beautifully arranged songs, sounding like a hybrid mix of Vampire Weekend and Jeff Buckley. Young, passionate and with everything to gain, these guys are ready to take 2016 by the scruff of its neck.

“We signed Saona after being so impressed with their live energy, their songwriting, and their proper arrangements (it’s so nice to hear songs with real basslines!). This week their debut E.P., “Shaded Glass” is finally released. See what all the fuss is about at

Check out lads from Saona performing their energetic songs ‘Too Much, Too Little’, ‘Reality’ and ‘Dripping Away’.

The long awaited debut album by faux-ethnic shonksters Ahbub Mahboubi.  Thoughtful songs about finding and losing oneself, about identity and the mind, performed with frenetic aplomb on a variety of ersatz-ethno instruments.

“We here at Rec House Records are enormously proud to announce the release of Ahbub Mahboubi’s debut album the Tao of Ahbub on vinyl. It’s sounding lovely and cosy on the turntable on these Autumnal evenings, like the aural equivalent to a patchwork quilt and a hot chocolate.”

Check out the Abub Mahboubi’s video for their track ‘December’.

Pip specialises in wistful folk-tinged melodies, whilst her Polar Bears weave a rustic accompaniment on ukulele, banjo, fiddle, trumpet and percussion, like a wicker basket holding a magic egg. Songs of hope and love to soundtrack your life.

The CDs of Pip & the Polar Bears are printed on high quality eco-stock recycled card, they look every bit as good as they sound, available from our bandcamp page

Check Pip and the Polar Bears singing their track ‘Let the Lightening Strike.’

Hear a sample of Jacob Spencer’s work here.

We were proud to release Jacob Spender’s album ‘New Quota’  on 11th September 2015.

Check out this video of his track ‘Camping Live’

Ollie is a Bath-based singer-songwriter. Imagine a cross between Ed Sheeran, John Lennon and the early works of Paramore and you’re heading along the right lines.

The Ollie Sharp Band is a Pop Punk/Funk band which began in 2016 when front man Ollie Dye began to play the follow up to his 2015 releases NeverlandEP and My Heart Is Yours. But quickly finding out his backing band worked so well they formed into a real band and settled on The Ollie Sharp Band as the name. Thus they embarked on The Nights On Quiet Street Tour… and have just dropped their debut record of the same name!

Singer Lisa writes songs inspired by her faith.

Tracks from her latest EP called ‘Grace Connection’ include:

  1. God’s Love
  2. Psalm 23
  3. Song of Love to Fill the Night
  4. Praise the Lord

With a heart for the poor and the marginalized, Lisa d’Rozario is contributing 25% of the profits from Grace Connection to Care International.

What do alcoholic drinks, English counties, referendums and Christmas have in common?  They’re all the subject of songs on this debut EP by comedy songwriter Guy Barry.  You won’t think the same way about any of them again.

Across Land, Over Sea, is the debut EP from Scott Wheatley. With folky soulfulness, Twerton’s own Scott Wheatley proudly takes his listeners back to a time when music was uncomplicated, authentic, and told stories that all could understand.

Occasionally dutifully assisted by the musical prowess of Drew Lorenzo, Scott unashamedly and apologetically let’s his voice and nothing but his voice do the talking. This four track EP is a must listen-to:

  1. Red is the rose
  2. The Leaving of Liverpool
  3. Charlie
  4. This train